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Winter services

We offer a suite of winter services that keep us occupied throughout the winter and early spring. We start our mobilization of holiday decorations and festive lighting in early November. We specialize in holiday planters and you can view many examples in our Portfolio here. We do all the decor at your home, and most of our customers provide us with their containers and holiday ornaments to incorporate. Holiday lighting and decor install appointments fill up fast so get in touch here to reserve your place.

New England winters are unpredictable- thankfully we are not and we provide predictable and dependable snow and ice management services to both commercial and residential customers.

 Porch and Entrance Holiday Decor
  • Commercial and residential plowing
  • Shoveling
  • De-icing Solutions
  • Snow Removal
  • Holiday decor and lighting
  • Planters and pillar urns
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